1. SophiaLux will create products as listed in each package selected by client.
  1. SophiaLux will provide contact on a regular basis through [email protected]
  1. Client will pay for entire cost of packages, services and products at time of order.

SophiaLux may choose to cancel the project at which time client will be responsible for payment of balance due in terms of time worked, at a rate of $125/hour. Client will be charged a 10% late payment fee (plus balance) for each month an invoice is outstanding/unpaid for recurring purchases.

Clients requiring edits to designs greater than those stipulated in purchase package will be charged $125 per hour and charges will be billed to payment method on file upon client’s approval. Complimentary revisions are calculated as follows: .001 x total cost of website. For example, a website whose purchase price is $5,000 is entitled to 5 hours of editing/revision time including email correspondences and phone conversations. Time required for revisions is to be determined by SophiaLux design team. Clients will not be billed for edits required due to errors by SophiaLux. Client will provide all photos or incur additional charges for each photograph.

SophiaLux will design and provide all aspects of each profile for both the print registry and the web profile/listings including text, photographs and layout EXCEPT for logos, which will be provided by client. Client will provide all logos and other items for web design products and other branding/marketing services such as SEO, reputation management and advertisements.

Clients will be provided with a mock-up of their print profiles and web directory listings. Clients will have the privilege of one edit where an edit consists of a change to texts or photographs but not layouts. Upon completion of sale each client will be contacted by a SophiaLux representative to begin the production process.

For custom websites clients will be granted up to ten business days from last correspondence by SophiaLux staff to provide necessary photos and texts, hosting info and other information for site development and launch. In the event of delays by client, SophiaLux will complete all websites with stock texts and photos at its discretion. Upon site completion SophiaLux will charge credit card on file unless client provides alternative payment for balance. SophiaLux will edit client site with desired images, texts and hosting once provided by client if necessary, after completion/launch, at no extra charge as long as those edits do not exceed 2 hours. For edits and revisions exceeding 2 hours client will be billed hourly rate of $125. A site will be considered completed by SophiaLux when basic design elements and content are in place and/or at its discretion.

  1. Clients choosing hosting option will be billed $40 for hosting per domain, per month, for a period of 12 months beginning at time of website development. In the event of an unpaid balance or invoice for any service by client (with a late invoice being one not paid for a period exceeding 21 days from submission/receipt), payment information on file will be utilized to pay balance. In the event of an outstanding invoice for hosting SophiaLux may choose to remove site from servers (Internet) till balance is paid.
  1. Client will agree to provide SophiaLux with necessary information concerning hosting, website access, content and logos. Client may elect to hire SophiaLux to create new logos and new content for an additional fee.
  1. SophiaLux and client will correspond in timely manner to all correspondences.



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