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Social media is an extraordinary phenomenon that has become part of daily life in both our professional and personal spheres. Sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, and google+ are now standard parts of any successful marketing campaign.

Any company that attempts to be a significant player in its industry must maintain accounts with these sites. But having a Facebook or Twitter page does not make a successful social media presence on its own. Success comes from knowing how to network with these accounts and create a relevant captive audience that can turn a tweet or photo into a phenomenon that brings traffic and sales to your website. SophiaLux understands the intricacies and technical components of social media sites and uses them in each of its campaigns.


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The key to social media marketing with sites like youtube and google+ is seduction. You have to know how to show a little without revealing everything. You have to leave them begging for more. You have to make your presence worth the attention of another person. This is the essence of successful marketing in a nutshell: distinguish yourself from the competition and seduce an audience to your product or service.


Let Us Bring You More Followers and More Business

SophiaLux‘s approaches to social media marketing begin with this psychological understanding of desire and branding delivery. We are inundated on a daily basis with so much stimuli that we often tune most incoming signals, emails, websites, and other media out without even reflecting on it. This is why our social media campaigns are more than just advertisements in a few characters.

We utilize elements of online reputation management and search engine optimization to highlight your company and to expand your brand presence across many media. The result is a more complete and convincing campaign that sustains success for the long term.

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