Who We Are

SophiaLux, a division of The Sophia Group, brings the very best businesses and organizations together into a multimedia annual registry serving discerning consumers in cities across the country.

Combining print, web, and video, SophiaLux offers visitors an unrivaled experience— the opportunity to truly discover the finest dining, fashion, accommodations, and personal services anywhere. We bring them together so that your search for the very best can end here.

A Multimedia, State-of-the-Art Platform of the Luxury World

The editorial team at SophiaLux collaborates with discerning observers and consumers of luxury to identify businesses, brands, and organizations that meet the highest standards of excellence. As a result, a profile in Sophia Lux is confirmation that the participant is an elite name in their field. Our multimedia platform includes the annual registry book, our web directory of luxury businesses, our social media campaigns and our video marketing endeavors.

Both on the web and in print, SophiaLux is the definitive source for purveyors of luxury to enhance every area of your life.

Our editorial staff is committed to bringing our web visitors and those who turn the pages of our annual registry the very best in every category. From dining to amenities to fashion to personal services and more, our commitment is to bring luxury into your life.

Our Editorial Staff

George Magalios

Hank Epton
Managing Editor

Anna Maria Badida
Palm Beach Sales Director

Joshua Lamothe
Web Designer

Rhonny Tufino
Graphic Designer

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